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Effective Microorganisms (EM) is a culture made from a combination of photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, and actinomycetes , and is proposed to have agricultural, medicinal, and environmental uses. With the novelty of such technology, there has been a large amount of research to test the effectiveness of Effective Microorganisms EM and its claimed uses. Findings show that while EM has no impact in areas such as water treatment, it is useful for crop farming and composting, and it may be effective in treating cancer, asthma, and neurodegeneration.

EM is very useful in farming because it can increase the yield and quality of crops when used as a supplement.A study to put this claim to the test by adding EM to a mixture of compost, and measuring wheat grain yield and the growth of nematodes, which are important soil organisms involved in nutrient recycling and decomposition. Results showed that the number of nematodes, as well as crop biomass and yield were much greater in soil treated with EM compost than in soils treated with nitrogen-phosphorus (NP) fertilizers or traditional composts alone. Another study attempted to further examine EM composts and their quality compared to traditional compost and found that EM composts had a higher concentration of nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and iron. Such minerals are used (in trace amounts in the case of iron) for the growth and metabolism of the plant . These findings show that the use of EM composts results in richer soils that can improve the quality and yield of crops.


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