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Vastu Vihar Biotech Pvt Ltd is a very fast growing organic farming and a prominent subsidiary of Vastu Vihar, delivering top-quality Organic fertilizers & innovative solutions to our farmers. Being a food Production Company especially in east India,we have team of dedicated researchers and hardworking farmers, who are researching new techniques of organic farming, and by this website we are spreading our research in all across the world.

We specialize in growing of daily using products as rice,wheat, vegetables and herbs. Our practice of organic farming is one of exceptional quality, using only nutritive components for our farming, which are really very good for soil We know how profoundly important organic farming is to our environment, our health, our families and our communities.We know that organic has the strength to not only feed the world, but feed the world well.

  • Through first-rate scientific research and education and support for farmers we will continue to empower citizens to change the world by demanding organic food.
  • Our team of professionals have earned years of experience as well as expertise by serving different agriculture problems worldwide with reliable, productive & round-the-clock services & solutions.


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