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Chilly is a branched, erect herb which comes under the variety of shrubs and its fruit is used in flavoring and garnishing many dishes.

Green chili is used as a spice and hence green chilies are picked for this purpose when they are fully ripe. Chilies are one of the most widely used spices all over the world. Green chilies are grown at an altitude of about 800 meters to 100 meters above the sea level. Green chili has some good nutrients as Capsaicin 0.34% (dry weight)a, Dry matter-22.02%, Ascorbic acid-131.06 mg etc. Deep,dark, green chilis are your best health bet containing high amounts of vitamin C, some B vitamins, beta carotene, potassium, magnesium and iron. Think of yellow and red chilies as their unripe counterpart, and while still wildly healthy, a little less so. Chilis have been shown to fight headaches, relieve congestion, fight cancer and inflammation, help lower high blood pressure, soothe intestinal diseases, rev metabolism and protect your heart. So, while we wouldn’t pile it on, consider a little heat well worthwhile.


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