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Organic Farming

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Vastu Vihar Biotech is one of the superior organizations in Organic Farming Industry, More and more consumers are switching to organic diets and more and more farmers are leaving behind their conventional farming methods to learn more sustainable ones. The demand for organic foods is overwhelming and it shows no signs of toning down. After recent studies have proven that the chemical residues found in conventional foods are indeed very hazardous, the world had been made awake to the various Benefits of Organic Farming. One of the many Benefits of Organic Farming is the ease in the transition. A conventional farmer can switch to organic agriculture without much difficulty.Organic farmers can realize around 30% less production costs because of the savings they will make through the elimination of overheads allotted for the purchase of chemical pesticides and industrial fertilizers.Use of crop rotation, compost pits, and manure boosts the fertility of the soil as opposed to pesticides and artificial fertilizers that degrade fertility. The yield on the fifth year of organic farming can be up to five times more that the yield on the fifth year of conventional farming because of the huge difference in soil fertility. Natural agricultural techniques also reduce erosion rate by more than 50%. Many organic enthusiasts believe that organic food has much more nutrients in it.

Food Standards Agency (FSA) disputes any claim that there is a significant nutritional benefit from eating organic food. The freshness of the product, storage conditions and food preparation methods will make a bigger difference in the nutritional benefits than whether it is organic or conventional. There are a lot of good reasons to continue to promote and develop farming organically. The fact that it is better for the environment and tends to leave the soil in better condition over longer periods of time are compelling reasons. Further development and expansion of organic farming should result in better efficiencies and economies. Whether organic farming grows and becomes a significant percentage of agriculture or remains a small niche is still a matter of speculation.

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