Organic Potato Farming

Organic potato is one of the most need organic food, Potatoes are among the most pesticide-treated crops due to the robust varieties of fungi and pests that tend to grow beneath the surface of the ground, A medium-sized potato contains about half of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. With the skin on, potatoes supply 24 per cent of the daily intake of potassium, where potatoes live.

Organic potatoes are much harder to grow and thus typically more expensive, but they are worth it as they taste better and are much cleaner. With the increasing demand of organic potatoes, research is being carried out on a more organic way to control potato sprouts. The University of Idaho has reported that essential oils such as clove oil, spearmint oil, and peppermint oil can be used for organic potato sprout inhibition. Apart from these methods, you should also store potatoes properly.

People often use the following methods to minimize the formation of potato sprouts
Moisture: Ensure that potatoes are not stored in a humid place because moisture speeds up the sprouting process. On the other hand, potatoes should not get dehydrated.
Temperature: Higher temperatures can stimulate the formation of potato sprouts.
Generally, the temperature for storing potatoes is suggested to be 44F to 50F.

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