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We are one of the India’s prominent organizations, providing new technique of Organic Farming, developing Organic Fertilizers for our farmers with an objective of developing and implementing technology to boost our land’s productivity and efficiency.

Welcome to Vastu Vihar Biotech Pvt Ltd

Vastu Vihar Biotech is the leading organic farming company in east India, a research & development center located in Bodh Gaya near by Bihar, known for developing new techniques of organic farming.

Contaminated Soil Bio-Remediation
Food Grain Storage Chain
Organic Contract Farming
Soil Conditioning
Waste Water Bio-Remediation

Vastu Vihar biotech is providing many types of services involving healthy grinding, Our own head office is Sambodhi Retreat, situated at Bodhgay. We are employed with supplying Natural Farming Solutions as we say organic Farming. It can help while we are avoiding the employment of artificial chemical fertilizers and also pesticides upon property.

We all keep intensive encounter as well as expertise in Neuro-scientific Natural Farming. Right here, we are involving knowledgeable authorities works well defined organic and natural grinding practice which is likewise the protected, the Eco friendly grinding system as well as to allow with generating healthy herbs devoid of problems towards the setting caused through organic and natural fertilizers. In addition, it allows while we are avoiding the employment of artificial chemical fertilizers and also pesticides upon property, based alternatively upon establishing healthy, fertile garden soil which is perfect involving increasing a variety of herbs.

We are proudly saying the whole state of Sikkim is certified by an information organization for organic farming. There is no chance of any pollution from the chemical practice of fertilizing. In Sikkim use of chemical is banned. In Sikkim – Around 10,000 farmers are producing these products and 48 organic villages are adopted

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Why choose us

Our Approach

We take pride in the solutions we transfer as its not just the work for us. We keep on stimulating each other to accomplish perfection in all endeavors and aren’t satisfied until project meets our own exclusive guidelines.

Our Perspective

Vastu Vihar Organic has a team of down-to-earth Scientist and researchers whose concerned is to stand by our stated principles rather than making a quick buck.

Utmost Satisfaction

We satisfy our customers completely with our outstanding work. Countless modification is done in order to meet the satisfaction of our clients.


Every phase of your product is observed and executed to establish the highest-quality result as our team members possess a wide range of experience and expertise.

24X7 Availability

We are 24*7 available to resolve any interruption in the service and this is possible due to our constant availability.

Money Back Guarantee

We assure our clients with 100% satisfaction guarantee, but in case the client is not satisfied, then we honestly refund the complete amount without any further questioning.