About Us

Inspired By Science, Driven By Obstinacy


Vastu Vihar Biotech is committed towards building a healthy world. We have with full enthusiasm and hard work, devoted our time and resources for the research and development of a reliable, non-toxic, long lasting and cost effective therapeutic solution for the incurable, complex and globally prevalent autoimmune diseases.

Our Vision

Better innovation leads to a better tomorrow
We aspire to become one of the leading contributors to the service of mankind. We are devoting all our time and resources, finding ways to help combat some of the deadly diseases that have been challenging our existence for a long time.
Good health and prosperity is what we have been hoping for from the very first day of our research work.

Our Mission

To be able to change life of millions today and tomorrow
We strive to create a disease-free nation. Being a research and development unit, we take it as our duty to provide reliable, 100% efficient and long-lasting healthcare solutions for a healthy future. Here, at Vastu Vihar Biotech, we have also made it our priority to be able to come up with a cost-efficient drug therapy that can prove to be beneficial for all.
Approaching towards the pre-clinical and clinical trials for our potential drug based on Ribozyme concerning various autoimmune diseases, we exhibit a strong will to conquer million hearts as well as emerge victorious in every aspect of our business.

BUSINESS INTENTCreate market leadership in innovation e.g. bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-therapeutics

Drug DevelopmetFulfil unmet therapeutic requirements concerning autoimmune and related diseases

PotentialOffer path-breaking treatment paradigm in a remarkably cost effective manner


Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
John Doe

Vinay Tiwari

Nix Maxwell

Satyam Tiwary



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Dr.Rohit KumarCheif Scientist

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Dr.Amit PalCheif Scientist

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Dr.Sasti GopalSr Scientist