• Constructed by:Technoculture Building Center Pvt Ltd
  • Completed on:18th Feb 2008
  • Campus Area:Acres Of Land
  • Campus Rating:Green Building Platinum Rated
  • Organization:Vastu Vihar Biotech Pvt Ltd


We believe in the best, for the best.

One can easily get an idea about someone’s campus from a small brochure. Even if we boast about the beauty of our campus and the fantastic work environment that we provide, you will not be able to know for yourself. We, therefore, invite you to be a part of our organization and experience it in person.

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Work Culture

Work Culture

VV Biotech Company operates from within the beautiful acreage of Sambodhi Retreat, situated in Hathiyar, Bodhgaya. The foundation of our campus lies in the inspiration & knowledge gained from the preachings of Lord Buddha.

We offer a positive work environment to all our employees. We believe in living, working, achieving, and celebrating every occasion together. Our campus is a green building platinum-rated campus. Inside, one will always witness the warmth of nature and the aroma of positivity.

Morning Dew

The Microbiology and the Technoculture labs are located within the campus. Both our labs are well equipped with all the possible facilities needed for executing research works. Apart from these two labs, we also have a Molecular Biology Lab, Cell culture Lab, and Bioinstrumentation Lab, all well-equipped, BSL-2 approved and licensed by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research).

Our company is a perfect place for those who are passionate about gaining knowledge in the field of science and research.


Various Team Activities

Working in a peaceful and naturally pleasing place is no less than a blessing. Here the employees are treated as a part of a family and are given full freedom to shape their ideas and innovations in the right direction.

Apart from that, certain fun activities and occasional parties are held from time to time. We believe the team events work as energy boosters for the employees and also a comforting experience for the fresh ones.

The Nightlife Inside The Campus:

Spending quality time together not only maintains the ambiance of the campus but also promotes an excellent work environment.

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