Nutritional Sciences & Sustainable Development


Centre for Nutritional Sciences & Sustainable Development

VV Biotech is a leading Biotechnology company driven by Research and Development. We are extremely committed to developing an innovative method to provide continuous and nutritious food to society.

Today more than three billion people are facing one or the other type of malnourishment and the rest are consuming food with decreased nutritional values.

Since the world population is rapidly increasing, it is estimated that it will reach around 10 billion by the year 2050. When considering sustainable food development our goal is to provide highly nutritious food along with sustainable supply.

We feel while planning to have a successful food future we ought to think about the entire world rather than a particular place or country. Also at the same time, taking care of the environment is a must.

That is why our objective is to provide a sustainable solution to the world regarding food and nutraceuticals.