Food Poisoning: Is Our food killing us ?

A global debate between food and poison.
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These days, most of us are digging our graves. There’s no denial of the fact that we are becoming the victims of our own choices. Our food choices have made us all come to such a point in life. In simple words, what we eat and drink is no less than poison.

Food has now become a global challenge. In fact, it has become a fairy tale and what we are left with is just the mesmerizing thoughts from the past. Most of the items sold in stores these days can no longer be considered safe for human consumption since 80 percent of our foods are not at all healthy.

Searching that fine line between health and food.

If I were to comment on the existing food problem, I would label all the humans to be the sole responsible for everything. We are ourselves not in the habit of eating healthy food. Over time, we have developed a strong liking for unhealthy food options that contain compression food products, especially those that make food tastier.

Excessive use of sugar, fats, salt, and various spices are all making us overweight. Apart from this, many toxic chemicals are used as food preservatives and served to us almost daily. Unfortunately, food toxicity has affected almost everybody in the world and thus made it a global crisis.

People generally like eating high starch-containing foods, cheese, red meat, and high sugar-containing food rather than natural fruit and vegetable. Surprisingly, our calorie consumption is the highest in human history. Neither any government nor the corporate sectors are taking sufficient steps in this regard. Instead, people are left with no other option than buying what the grocery shops are selling to them.

The problem of insufficient as well as contaminated food.

In many parts of the world, people don’t have enough food to eat. Lack of resources and economic instability leads to insufficient food production and ultimately leads to starvation. Several factors contribute to the state of hunger all over the world. The reasons are varied and complex and mostly interconnected.

Apart from poverty or job instability, the major problem of food shortages is spoilage. The smallholder farmers do not have sufficient storage facilities, they are unable to protect their grown crops against pests and weather. This problem ultimately leads to starvation. Moreover, the excessive use of fertilizers has resulted in the degradation of our farmlands. Also, this has badly contaminated our water bodies like lakes, rivers, ponds, and groundwater. Moreover, the use of pesticides like aldrin, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, and toxaphene has contributed to the problem. Pollution release from mining industries has also contaminated land and water with toxic heavy metals like cadmium, zinc, arsenic, copper, etc.

Therefore, today we are facing two different problems. The first is the lack of food, and the other is the consumption of contaminated food.

I feel, there is an immediate need to understand the seriousness of this problem. All our governments and policymakers must focus on this global crisis and take the necessary steps to overcome it. Else, we won’t even have the time to regret it.

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